* WORLD PREMIERE * tonight @National Space Centre


It’s been a roller coaster journey but it is now time to put the mice down and let the audience decide what they think of We Are Astronomers!!!

Tonight at the National Space Centre, Leicester, UK we will all be packed into the dome for the official launch of the new 360′ Fulldome Film.

We are going to attempt to tweet the event via Twitter between glasses of champagne orange juice and canapes plus we will have a live twitter feed projected on a screen during the premiere which will display anyone who replies to @WeAreAstronomer

The event is ticket only so please don’t turn up on the night but please do logon to Twitter and get involved. Watch the trailer or check out the images and give us your thoughts!

We will upload loads of images and video tomorrow to share what is hopefully a successful launch with everyone.

Don’t forget, the film opens to everyone this weekend but please check with your local dome first for show times.

Off to break a leg…

  1. Denis Hopkins05-20-2009

    I saw the programme on Monday and thought it was extremely good. The graphics arriving at the VLT were stunning. Informative on the James Webb telescope. Any chance of a version to use in schools? Norfolk is a long way to go for a show!

  2. Caro05-26-2009

    Any chance that you might possibly export this to the US? I’d love a chance to see this and an excuse to go up to the Griffith Observatory is always fun.

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