We Are Astronomers Narrated By David Tennant


We are very pleased to “officially” announce that David Tennant is the narrator of the new Fulldome digital planetarium show We Are Astronomers.


  1. D.Storton05-02-2009

    Inspired choice, David a great narrator, as shown when he narrated Swarm for the BBC. he will bring a sense of wonder and enjoyment to it.

  2. J Wood05-03-2009

    Fabulous choice! Adding this to my list of things to do in London.

  3. katie cook05-03-2009

    wow nice choice you will get younger kids watch now he is doing it 🙂

  4. Caz05-08-2009

    Wonderful choice, he did a very good job on Swarm and Doctor Who audio books. Just a shame I won’t get to hear or see it as you’ve seem to have remembered every UK country exept Wales! Not all of us drive you know! 🙂

  5. Shane Killian05-19-2009

    Hey! Us Yanks want to see it, too! When’s it coming across the pond?

  6. Barcode The Zebra05-28-2010

    I saw this at Spaceport in Liverpool.

    It was ABSOLUTELY BRILLIANT. Me and my two sons (aged 7 and 9) were totally captivated for the entire show. We came out feeling almost as though we had just had a religious experience… fantastic!

    I would strongly recommend everybody to get to this show if they can.

  7. Tayia Cummins03-20-2011

    I was at SciTech in the Planetarium, and suddenly a voice came on.
    My first thought: Ooh Scottish guy! I like Scottish guys! Especially David Tennant…
    Second Thought: That voice sounds familiar… I wonder who it is…
    Third thought: OH MY GOD IT’S DAVID TENNANT! David Tennant! No way! The best actor & sexiest man alive narrating this show? Hell yeahh!
    After I calmed down and stopped spazzing over the fact it was him, I really enjoyed the show!

    • Rebecca Simpson03-20-2011

      It’s good to know you approve of our choice of narrators Tayia. Just so you know we have a show called ‘Astronaut’ that’s being updated and converted to Stereoscopic Fulldome that’s narrated by another spectacular Scottish narrator… Ewan McGregor!

  8. Sara08-27-2012

    Yes, please bring it to the US! I’d love to see it at Adler Planetarium in Chicago!

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