WAA USA Premiere Tonight


We Are Astronomers USA premiere is at the SEPA conference @ The Sudekum Planetarium, Adventure Science Center, Nashville, TN, 16 June 2009, 7pm CDT.

We hope y’all enjoy the show and be sure to post your feedback and reviews on our blog.




  1. Nic Ross06-17-2009

    Just seen the show at Our Dynamic Earth (see Reviews 😉 but one thing is bothering me, what’s the song in the LHC sequence??! I thought is was called “Robots, School and something”??


    • Paul Mowbray06-17-2009

      Thanks for your kind words Nic over on the review page. The track used in the LHC scene is from an artist called My Robot Friend and the track is Robot High School, check out his site, i think you can even download an mp3 of the original track for free

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