WAA Trailer 2 Now Online


We have a new We Are Astronomers trailer to share! This one shows a few snippets of some of the things we cover in the film such as the VLT, JWST and LHC.

This movie is 1280×720 pixels, the finished Dome film is rendered at 4000×4000 pixels so get down to your nearest Dome to see it in all it’s glory!!

Remember to watch it fullscreen to get the HD benefits!

  1. Gabriel Michas06-04-2009

    2009 A Year of Astronomy, A Year of a new Era just begin.

  2. Adrian West06-04-2009

    Saw the preview of “We Are Astronomers” at Intech and was totally blown away.
    This is perfect for getting younger (and older) people interested in astronomy.
    We Are Astronomers has made astronomy cool!!!

    Adrian West
    Newbury Astronomical Society

  3. Adrian West06-04-2009

    You stopped following the NewburyAS Twitter feed. Was it something we said?
    I re-tweeted the trailer for you


    Adrian West
    Newbury Astronomical Society

  4. Helen07-11-2009

    our 2nd visit to Dynamic Earth [Edinburgh] was again good. But the We Are Astronomers” shown in the dome blew me away – it’s amazing what our scientists have researched, worked on and produces for the average human being to understand what surrounds our fantastic planet earth. We are very small indeed! Thanks to all who put that movie together!

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