WAA Teaser Trailer Now Online


We are very, very pleased to share the first teaser trailer for the new We Are Astronomers Fulldome film launching very soon.

The imagery is circular so that when it is projected inside a dome it looks correct.

There will be another trailer up later in the week so check back regularly or follow our twitter feed for the latest news and all things WAA related.

Let us know what you think about the teaser in the comments!

  1. Jenny05-18-2009

    That will look *amazing* in the dome with the model going over and around the audience.

  2. Bealinda05-18-2009

    My father had a lifetime interest in astronome.As a chid he would show me the stars and talk of the constellations and beyond.He always told me man would land on the moon and and travel through space.Sadly he never lived to see his prediction come true,but his legacy is my life long fascination with the universe.So i will look forward to seeing more of your wonders.Kind Regards Bea

  3. Gloria05-18-2009

    very beautiful and the voice of Mr. Tenannt.

  4. IncendiaryMuse05-18-2009

    All done with a telescope! Incredible! Sounds like a very interesting show.

  5. Osiris05-18-2009

    Wow. That is totally not how I was expecting it to look. I love it! The animation is gorgeous. Hiring David Tennant to do the narration got my attention in the first place, but now I really want to see this!

  6. Amanda Green05-18-2009

    looking good 🙂 i cant wait to see it!

    one thing that i could say is that the music sometimes drowns out the narration…just a small point, but it looks amazing!!!

  7. Neil05-19-2009

    Please bring this to the US!

  8. Vanessa05-19-2009

    It looks amazing! And David brings such a sense of enthusiasm and curiosity to the narration!! Like someone pointed out, the music drowns out the narration at times but I’m sure you’ll have that sorted out come showtime… Which brings me to – bring it across the pond! This is a wonderful opportunity for both you and David to get exposure in the U.S.! I would certainly want to go see it if I could but like so many wonderful British works, they’re not made available to Americans. =(

  9. Paul Mowbray05-19-2009

    Thanks for the lovely comments everyone, very inspiring for us to hear after 8 months hard work putting it all together.

    The audio mix on this trailer is a rough early mix and we hope to have a new one up by the end of the week to smooth it all out a bit and add the sound effects in.

    Keep the comments coming and there will be more news about the films availability Internationally in the next few weeks.

  10. Sabrina05-19-2009

    That is gorgeous! Fantastic animation, music and narrator.

  11. sheri05-20-2009

    that looks amazing, and with the voice of david tennant, its makes it truly amazing. i really hope that this finds its way across the pond.

  12. GABE06-15-2009

    i like it i saw it at natianon space center amazing but your
    web has cut me off from the vids how do i fix it

  13. Rosco06-25-2009

    I was at dynamic earth yesterday and watched your video in the dome as the final part of the tour. I have to say that it was excellent.

    There was a class of teenagers there and some of them were talking at the start of the show (especially some girls next to me – quite annoying) but it didn’t take long for your video to grab their attention and the attention of the entire room.

    I’m a chemist and I feel that today there isn’t enough around to grab peoples attention and get them interested in science. A lot of young people (and older people) feel very disengaged with science. Your video though will hopefully help to change that for some of the people who watch it.

    Excellent video, excellent graphics, very well structured and presented and an all round great experience. In my view that was 8 months of hard work very well spent! Thank’s very much.

  14. john cox07-30-2009

    This is fantastic.i’ve seen it twice and it still blows my mind.A must see before it’s gone forever

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