WAA Special Weekend Screening: Birmingham, UK


This weekend We Are Astronomers, narrated by David Tennant, will be shown for the first time in Birmingham’s Thinktank museum for the 2nd Fulldome UK event. Our very own sensei of dome storytelling, Mr Max Crow will be presenting a talk on Storytelling in the Dome for attendees on Sunday 13th March. For full details, including schedules please visit Fulldome UK

If you’re attending please tell us what you think of the event below. We hope you can join us for some Fulldome fun this weekend.

  1. Marrisa05-06-2011

    We have just seen this played at Carter Observatory in Wellington, New Zealand – absolutely fantasic, and funny for us Brits living here in NZ to hear the accents! Brilliant little film, well done 🙂

    • Rebecca Simpson05-07-2011

      Thanks very much Marrisa. The 2.0s were very excited about being famous in New Zealand.

  2. Ben Woodcock06-03-2011

    I saw this at the Centre For Life in Newcastle Upon Tyne. It was excellent.
    One question – what were the websites where you could help the exploration effort that David Tennant talked about in the film ? I forgot to jot them down. Something like Galactic Zoo or Galaxy Cafe or something ?
    Cheers and Good luck with it all

    • Rebecca Simpson06-08-2011

      Hello Ben. Glad you enjoyed the show. The effort to classify Galaxies as talked about in the film is called ‘Galaxy Zoo’. ‘Galaxy Zoo’ was created in 2007 and it was SO popular they created a ‘Galaxy Zoo 2’! If you would like to assist in the classification on Galaxies then you can take part by following this link
      If you’d like to be involved in more projects like this then visit Zooniverse they have lots of exciting projects for you to get involved in and you never know, you might even spot an undiscovered Galaxy or a mysterious object!
      Happy Galaxy hunting Ben

  3. Ben Woodcock06-10-2011

    Thank you so much for your time and help Rebecca.

    • Rebecca Simpson06-10-2011

      Glad to have been of assistance!

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