WAA goes international at Stardome Observatory, New Zealand


We are very happy to announce that the first dome outside of the UK to show We Are Astronomers is Stardome Observatory, Auckland, New Zealand.


WAA has a very special connection to New Zealand as the music was composed by Wellington based musician Rhian Sheean. Unfortunately we did not get the pleasure of leaving the cloudy UK to visit the beautiful NZ but spent many happy hours discussing and developing the music over Skype and collaborating via the internet. After all, the main theme of WAA is international collaboration so it only seemed right to echo that in the production of the film too!

Anyway, what are you waiting for? If you’re in New Zealand you now have the perfect excuse to go and visit Stardome and enjoy the film. Please check the Stardome website for full information

  1. Harry12-04-2009

    Great. Really looking forward to seeing this show here in Auckland!

  2. Damian01-24-2010

    Brilliant – thanks!

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