1. sarah moon06-01-2009

    it’s so cutee!!!!!!!!
    i <3 david tennant

  2. mark brown06-07-2009

    watched this yesterday @ life ctr newcastle – fantastic!!

  3. Christopher Roberts08-12-2009

    I saw this when I went to the National Space Centre the other week. It was really fantastic!

    Brilliant show, thanks 🙂

  4. Anna08-24-2009

    I watched the show in Edimburg with my little sister. The dome was AMAZING and it really helped me to undertand more (then in my normal physics lesson). My sister also enjoyed the dome and the time machine.

    thank you 🙂

  5. Geoff Bennett09-13-2009

    This is absolutely fantastic. Congratulations to all involved. I’ve seen a number of dome videos at the Space Centre over the years and this is without doubt the best. The 3D animation was superb, and I was impressed at how much great information was presented in such a slick way, and in such a short time.

    One tiny, teeny weeny niggle. The Internet wasn’t invented at CERN – it was the World Wide Web that Tim Berners-Lee kicked off. The Web is an application that runs over the Internet – one of many. In case you think I’m being pedantic the Web isn’t even the most popular Internet application (that would be Email), or the most bandwidth-hungry (that would be Peer to Peer or Client-Server file sharing) 🙂


  6. Calum McCall12-14-2009

    I saw this in Dynamic Earth in Edinburgh, and as Im currently making big decision as to what I want to do when im older and this one video trully has inspired me to go on to do historic things in my life. And be a name of which people remember. And to quench that dream and to uncover the mysterys of the universe. I would say that this video trully is one thing that is worth every moment of your time and if it doesnt inspire you it trully will spark that little childhood spark that gazes into the sky wondering and dreaming. Living that Star wars and star trek and moving mankind forward. And reach your wondering mind and leave you with questions(leading to many lunches in starbucks with coffee and thinking) and to once again wish to enter the inspiring and oustanding universe we live in.

    Thanks again will go and see it at least another few times. And has inspired me and put that spark back in my eye.

  7. kim07-22-2010

    loz them little red square guyz were epic!!!! i saw thiz thig at dynamic earth scared the living s**** out of me the music creeped me out the red guyz we sooooo cute

  8. Olivia Fortune10-07-2010

    When I saw this I was truely amazed, I had never seen something so fantasic. The graphics and music blended perfectley with David’s voice and what he was explaining… I loved this so much that I’m just waiting to have another opportunity to view this again… The stars are so beautiful at night, I think this video gives them a perfect desription. I saw this at Sci-tech when it first got there… Thankyou so much!!!!

    • Rebecca Simpson10-07-2010

      So glad you enjoyed the show Olivia. We hope you’ll have the opportunity to see it again soon. Have fun stargazing!

  9. Olivia Fortune10-07-2010

    I also forgot to mention the awesome planents… sorry but… Thanks again!

  10. Jess12-10-2010

    Hey all, I’m thinking of taking my younger brother and sister to see this show, they are 7 and 8 years old. Do you think this would be a good time for them? I love this kind of stuff and anything with David Tennant sells me haha but I want to make sure it’s not over their heads.

    • Rebecca Simpson12-10-2010

      Hello Jess. The show is for the whole family so I’m sure your brother and sister will enjoy it. We hope you enjoy the show.

  11. Fitri06-03-2011

    I can’t stop loving astronomy… I want to take astronomy course for my undergraduate this year.

  12. Erin09-21-2011

    I saw this when I was in Cape Town recently (I just happened to be at the planetarium) it was wonderful I need to see it here in the uk again!

    • Rebecca Simpson09-22-2011

      That’s great Erin, which planetarium did you see the show in? Hope you had a little time to do some stargazing while you were in the Southern hemisphere. If you would like to see the show in the UK then why not pop down to our home at The National Space Centre, the web 2.0s from the show are starring in our new exhibit, the WeatherPOD.

  13. Gaëlle (France)04-25-2012

    This morning I went to the planetarium in France near Lyon and what lovely surprize when I heard and recognized David Tennant’s voice !
    “The Doctor” talks about space and stars was like a dream and I cried !
    Images, animations and musics are so perfects ! This movie is beautiful and you should release a DVD version !
    Thank you for this incredible moment !

    • Rebecca Simpson04-25-2012

      Thank you for such a lovely comment Gaëlle. We’re glad you enjoyed the show. You’ll have to keep a look out for it’s sister show ‘We Are Aliens’ which is being released later this year.

  14. Khance05-06-2012

    wow!! this is so amazing, its nearly impossible to overrate it. i’ve seen it over 5 times at the National Space centre and it inspires me and takes my breath away every time. i cant wait till i can see it again! but i do have one question, what was that data scale thingy called again? i;ve seen it i dont know how many times and its so beautiful and inspireng and info filled that its ahrd to take it all in and remeber it all! XD haha, amzing, great show xx

    • Rebecca Simpson06-22-2012

      Thanks Khance. It sounds like you might be referring to the Electromagnetic Spectrum! The entire range of light is called the electromagnetic spectrum, astronomers can choose the range of light they collect depending on what objects they want to explore.

  15. Mark Edmonds07-28-2012

    Hi there,

    Is there a flat version available on DVD/BluRay. We’ve seen this a couple of times in various venues and have enjoyed it immensely.

    I’d really like to own this.


    • Rebecca Simpson07-29-2012

      Hi Mark
      We’re glad you enjoy watching the show. Unfortunately it’s not available on DVD/Bluray; we think it’s best to enjoy it in all it’s Fulldome glory in the Planetarium!

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