The Voice of We Are Astronomers, coming soon…


Next week we hope to reveal the narrator of the new Fulldome experience We Are Astronomers.

Anyone got any ideas who they think would do a good job of talking about astronomer’s and what they do? Who would inspire you to think about our place in the universe? Or who’s voice do you just love the sound of and would like to be surrounded by in a giant dome!?

Please post any ideas below in the comments section.

  1. Tara Jordan03-14-2009

    David Tennant does the best audio work I’ve ever heard–and I’ve heard just about everything he’s ever done. I can’t think of anyone else’s voice I’d love to hear more than his.

  2. Katy Mitchell03-15-2009

    I know who it is, and can I just say, i can’t think of a better person 😀 😀

    Clever choice on all fronts, if you don’t mind my saying so.

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