If you have had the opportunity to experience We Are Astronomers in a dome please post your comments below.

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What was your favourite bit? Did you learn anything new? Are you going to become an astronomer!?

We’ll be setting up a survey soon to give us more objective feedback and make sure the next film is even better, we really value your input.

Reviews From The Media

This beautifully-animated documentary, which plays out across a 360º screen, whisks visitors off on a million mile trip into space and still gets them home in plenty of time for Corrie.

Leicester Mercury –  Full review here

Tennant is a natural narrator. His voice lures you in, complicated theories and jargon are suddenly easy to grasp. And what theories!

69 Magazine – Review on page 79

Tennant’s dulcet tones somehow break down the complexity of galaxies and gadgets, making this fascinating but complicated subject infinitely more approachable.

The List – Full review here

Reviews From Audiences

  1. Nic Ross06-17-2009

    I saw “We are Astronomers” @ Our Dynamic Earth, in Edinburgh, Scotland earlier today and thought it simply the best ‘dome show’ I’ve ever seen.

    The script was clear, technically accurate and “Brilliantly” brought to life by David Tennant (score for getting him to do this!). The visuals were top quality and spot on, with the Wow! factor at full blast. The JWST and LHC sequences coming to mind in particular. I even thought the soundtrack was Matrix-y enough without being too over-the-top.

    There were gasps (and good giggles) by the school kids that I was watching it with, but who I can’t help but feel must have been impressed.

    Finally, as a professional astronomer, I am very happy this type of show/media is being produced to encourage and inspire. Keep up the good work!!


  2. Roshan Vohra07-02-2009

    Hi guys, first and foremost, thank you. I really mean this when i say, that the show kicks some serious ass! Im 17 and i recently did some work experience at Dynamic Earth , and i kept on asking to get the shift in the “Future Dome” (which I’m pushing to be re-named the ‘Astro-Dome’) just because your show was just so interesting and visually enthralling.

    I love the use of the song Robot HighSchool, i honestly know every word of that now, that sequence in the Hadron collider is EPIC, the music is just timed in a sublime fashion and when the particles eventually meet, its not just technically accurate (the person i was shadowing assures me, as he had just finished University with a 1st in Astro-Physics), but makes everyone young and old gasp, the sudden change in the volume and music just sets everyones senses array.

    But yeah, i do go on a bit, basically i feel that there is just to much of a tendency for idoits today to complain about things, and i think it should be peoples duty to congratulate others when they produce something that actually pleases people.

    Thanks guys/girls for your outstanding work, your the modern artists of our time and i think this was a stunning piece.


  3. stella07-12-2009

    “Today’s astronomer is not the lone observer of past centuries.”
    Surveys reveal that 83.7 % of astronomers observe unaccompanied.

  4. Kevin07-13-2009

    That’s an interesting statistic. However, whilst modern astronomers might still observer unaccompanied, they are typically working as part of a bigger team and often collaborating with others from around the world. I think this idea comes across when the statement is heard in the context of the rest of the narration.

  5. Robert Evans07-14-2009

    First of all…THANK YOU!!!…

    That truly was absolutely spellbinding…From the moment that the little men turned up, my kids were hooked…That and Tennant voice…Well done there btw… 😉 …The nod to the Time Machine was well received!…

    The script was hugely imformative without being over the schoolkids’ heads…Yes there were things that even I didn’t know…Not that I’m Carl Sagan, but you’d think I was beyond year 5 level… 😀 …

    The visuals were absolutely amazing…And cute!!…Massive toy opportunity there from those cuties!! (AWWWWW BLESS!!)… 😀 …

    Massive compliments on the music…Absolutely gorgeous…If that is ever available to buy I’ll be there… 😀 …

    My wife and two kids loved it all from start to finish…Which is nice… 😀 …

    All in all, well done…Massive, huge Thank Yous for a decent 25 min film…Really really enjoyed it…


    Oh, you’d guessed… ;-D …

  6. Stephen07-19-2009

    Imagine, a film that can get a 4 year old excited about the LHC at CERN. That’s what you have in ‘We Are Astronomers.’ It may have helped that the people in the film looked a bit like the Adipose from Doctor Who (maybe that just me, though with David Tennat providing narration how can we be sure…) but the film engaged both kids and adults alike. The information was pitched just right to inform and entertain. My daughter talked about it for the rest of the day. Great stuff.

  7. James07-26-2009

    Just wanted to leave a well done message, My 7yo daughter and i are regular visitors to dynamic earth in Edinburgh. Her favourite part of the exhibition is the dome and as a huge fan of Doctor Who when we heard that David Tennant would voice the “We Are Astronomers” film we couldn’t wait and we were far from disappointed. Having the most recognisable voice of the Doctor voice this annimation is a master stroke. Kids and Adults alike will be immersed in the incredible 360 degree visuals and expertly chosen music score. The information being convayed is dumbed down just enough for even the youngest of kids to understand but technical enough for the more informed adults too. all in all a blissful way to spend a half hour of your day.

    we will certainly be back….

  8. richard gaynor08-02-2009

    just seen this in the 360 full dome at the national space center, its fantastic..

    i can only agree with what people have put above… Its immersive and intresting for all people.. narrated perfectly and with the animation and background music you feel as if your on a journey..

    now, where can I buy one of these full dome things???

  9. Christopher Roberts08-12-2009

    It was a fantastic show, the special effects were brilliant and the content very informative. I learnt a lot and had a great experience too.

    Thanks ever so much.


    Would I recommend it?
    Yes, without a doubt!

  10. Christopher09-18-2009

    I just found out that you are in the Greenwich Observatory too, that is so cool as I am probably going to go there soon!

  11. Isabel Lewenz09-28-2009

    I have been to the Nation Space Centre three times in the past few months and I have seen We Are Astronomers three times too! I just love the whole show, it’s amazing! The music is great, David Tennant is the perfect narrator and the bit with the Hadron collider is just epic, 10/10!

  12. Alan Broom10-29-2009

    My family and I were at the National space centre today and were lucky enough to see this film. We were all totally blown away by the beauty of this production. Even my 1 year old sat completely mesmerised thought. I cant recommend this film enough. Fantastic. More of the same please!!

  13. sam griffiths10-30-2009

    we were really impressed with the film we saw at Dynamic Earth in Edinbrugh. One that is very inspiring and informative.

  14. John Arrowsmith12-05-2009

    Fifteen of us, aged from 4 to 71, sat spellbound through today’s 30 minutes of magic that is “We Are Astronomers” at the National Space Centre in Leicester.

    A glorious film … thank you SO much.

  15. Damian01-24-2010

    Saw this last week in Auckland, New Zealand – fantastic! The three of us (29, 26 and 16yo) all loved it, it was engaging and informative but still accessible.

    I’ve also been interested in space and astronomy but this movie was very inspiring.

    Thank you!!

  16. Logan01-31-2010

    Another fan from New Zealand, this is one incredible film, myself and my girlfriend loved every moment, educational and entertaining and inspiring.

    Music was brilliant to say the least, will certainly buy the soundtrack when it comes out 😀

  17. Dave Purcell02-01-2010

    Went for a ‘lads’ weekend in Edinburgh to celebrate my 40th and somehow ended up at Dynamic Earth during an impulsive bus tour between, um, celebratory drinks!!! I have to say the WAA show was one of the highlights of the whole, without too much detail, really interesting weekend. I would recommend this to both young and old and it is certainly worth the entrance fee to just see this show alone. The narration, music and film all came together perfectly and would love to own a copy to just play again and again. Seriously thinking of a trip with my family to share this experience with them. Thank you very much!

  18. Sabine02-22-2010

    I watched we-are-astronomers yesterday at greenwich observatorium and thought it was really bad. Basically I didnt learn anything. The film was all about scratching the surface of the subject, flashing colors and flying things in 3D. It seemd the budget on it was less than 1000 pounds. Not sure what the target group for this “documentary” is but I had the feeling it was for children. In that case they should warn adults to not waste their time.
    I expect from a planetarium to get educated about stars and star signs, life cycle of a stars etc.
    I was really dissappointed and about to claim my money back.
    Cant recommend to watch it at all!

    ps: I dont wanna know what average educated people do know about the profession of an astronomer.

  19. Gem Croft04-10-2010

    I thought the soundtrack was absolutly beautiful! Can anyone tell me who composed it?

    Also, David Tennant, as usual, was a babe and a half! I enjoyed it sooo much.

  20. Paul Mowbray04-13-2010

    @Gem Croft, glad you enjoyed the film. The music was composed by New Zealand artist Rhian Sheehan, there is more info here with links to his site

  21. Paul Mowbray04-13-2010

    @Sabine We are sorry that you did not enjoy the show but are surprised that you felt so disappointed. There are many stories to tell about the universe we live in and WAA is all about the modern day challenges faced by astronomers and how it is necessary for international collaboration across disciplines to answer the unresolved questions of the universe. We have had very positive feedback from a wide range of people, young and old and you are the first person to express such negative comments.

    The target audience is a general family audience, it is designed to have something for everyone and try to inspire people to look up and question the universe around us. There is also the objective or trying to inspire 13-19 year olds to consider future careers in science and engineering.

    Everyone is entitled to their opinion and we hope the next dome show you see better meets your expectations.

  22. Amy Burcham07-04-2010

    I loved the “We Are Astronomers” show at the CTC Planetarium in Killeen, TX. It is summer vacation and I took two teenage boys and my nine yr old daughter. The four of us interacted with the entire show and learned a great deal about the fundamentals behind the brilliance of astronomy. It was intriguing and left us wanting more. Great job and thank you for getting us interested in the wonders of the Universe.

    • Rebecca Simpson07-04-2010

      Hello Amy. Really super that you and your family enjoyed the show and learned so much about astronomy. Have you started your own galaxy zoo? I hope your new found interest in the wonders of the Universe takes you on a lot of fun family adventures!

  23. Eloise Shaw09-02-2010

    Went to see the show a few weeks ago, and it was great! Seriously, go and watch it now, drop anything you are holding and go now! Does anyone know what the last song was? I didnt quite catch it in the credits.

  24. Andy10-13-2010

    Hi guys

    I recently saw your We are Astronomers film at Edinburgh’s Dynamic Earth. I work in online media and completely appreciate the hard work that has gone into making this film. It was fantastic! I loved it! Well done.

    I wanted to watch it again but my wife wouldn’t let me!



    • Rebecca Simpson10-13-2010

      Thanks Andy. You’ll have to take your wife along to see it again, maybe see it in another planetarium, it’s on in various locations across the world. She might be happier going to see it in New Zealand!

  25. Jill Millar11-14-2010

    Have now viewed this three times with my 6 year old son who loves it. I cannot understand why anyone would criticise as it is an amazing film aimed at all ages. My son has learned so much. The graphics are great and the music is so apt. Loved it and would watch again. The guys at NSC creative have excelled themselves (and were very helpful when I spoke to them about it as well).

    • Rebecca Simpson11-14-2010

      Hi Jill. Your son has excellent taste!

  26. Mark01-04-2011

    Saw this a couple of weeks ago at the National Space Centre in Leicester. I’m well versed in astronomy, and found this a brilliantly-produced and animated summary of the subject – my 9- and 6-year old kids loved it too.

    The bit where DT narrates the first measurements of the distance to the stars “…and the results were… astounding” (or something like that) really helped me empathise the feeling of awe and self-insignificance that those results must have generated.

    My only minor criticism would be with the depiction of the electromagnetic spectrum, which did not properly communicate that it’s a continuum. Having the visible colours as a ring rather than a parallel stripe made this misleading.

    Brilliant stuff. Now to get a dome installed in the lounge… 😀

    • Rebecca Simpson01-04-2011

      Thanks for the feedback Mark. It is always a challenge when trying to represent such abstract concepts in an immersive and visual way. Interestingly this is actually a part of We Are Astronomers that has received a lot of positive responses from teachers bringing their students to the Space Centre. Hopefully we got across the main point of that scene, which is how astronomers choose different parts of the spectrum to investigate different astronomical objects. We hope you’ll visit us again soon and when you get your dome installed can we come for tea?

  27. Paddy1204-23-2011

    I saw the show @ horizon the planetarium at scitech in Perth western Australia yesterday and I thought it was absolutely amazing!!!
    It was informative and creative with it’s art style! I absolutely LOVED it!!! I commend u on such an amazing effort

    From right down here in the land of Aussies


    • Rebecca Simpson04-23-2011

      That’s high praise indeed! Thanks for sending the link Paddy.

  28. Darien Farrington08-14-2011

    a truly awe inspiring production. everything about talked to the depths of my soul and since then i have been greatly inpired to engage in astromany and am loving everything about it. on a personal note i would personally like to thank david and the team that produced it and let them know that this film has changed my outlook on astromany and my out look of the skies at night. Thank you

    • Rebecca Simpson08-15-2011

      We’re so glad you enjoyed the show Darien. It’s wonderful that it has inspired you to get more involved in astronomy. It’s infinitely more interesting looking up at the night sky when you know about some of the truly amazing things that are out there; have you had a go at Galaxy spotting yet?

  29. kate butler09-09-2011

    i loved the show. It’s made me realise there’s so much more to being an astronemer than thought. I’m in high school and i really enjoy science! now the show i watched (at the national space center) was inspiring for me to become an astronomer. i loved how it was 3d it made things more enjoyable.

    (Possible future astronomer)

    • Rebecca Simpson09-12-2011

      Thanks Kate. It’s fantastic that the show has inspired you to consider a future career in astronomy. If you’d like to learn more about astronomy and the exciting things that happen in the sky in your area check out:

  30. kate butler09-12-2011

    thank you,
    i checked out the website and saw the position of the ISS, which was very interesting. While i was in turkey (Kalakan-it’s very small but beautiful) i saw the dipper constallation in the night sky, the ISS and made out a lobster constallation. I love thinking about stars, planets and space travel, me and my dad talk about this and he was explaning to me that light from stars doesn’t travel in a straight line. And that if you went in a space ship quite a far distance away from earth (speed of light – not possible yet!) and saw a star explode then traveled back to earth and saw it again it would be like a time machine. i know thinkng about that sometimes can make your head go funny or you can’t visualise it but in some way i always can.

    (possible future astomnomer)

  31. Tracy Shaw10-24-2011

    My family and I thoroughly enjoyed the show at the National Space centre in Leicester.We were totally blown away by It and enjoyed David Tennants narration.
    We were all wowed by the effects I felt at one point I could have left my
    seat and touched VLTs when they appeared.My partner felt queasy as the earth turned upside down.AMAZING GO SEE!!

  32. Michal Kaczmarski03-22-2012

    That was incredible…
    I saw Astronomers in polish version in Copernicus Science Centre in Warsaw, and it was really great.
    I can’t say anything about David Tennant, becouse he was swapd by polish lector, but overal effect was amazing. Beautifull graphic, awesome music (why don’t you selling soundtrack?), interesting facts (even for adult)… there is no single minute when you are bored… Gosh – I’m going back to see it once more… and once more… and once more…

    • Rebecca Simpson03-23-2012

      Hi Michal. Thanks for the ace review of the show. Although we don’t sell the soundtrack it is available to buy, it was created by Rhian Sheehan. The opening track for ‘We Are Astronomers’ is from his album ‘Standing in Silence’ – part 3.

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