Full info on the We Are Astronomers soundtrack coming soon but the following links are a good place to start


  1. Gupse01-03-2010

    Sounds like the soundtrack of Sim City 4.

  2. callum05-23-2010

    I loved the song at the end of the show.

  3. Alexis07-08-2010

    So did i

    • Rebecca Simpson07-09-2010

      Glad you liked We Are Astronomers too Alexis!

  4. Barrie :)07-25-2010

    Rhian Sheehan – Standing In Silence 🙂 This is the song at the end of We Are Astronomers … Such a beautiful song

  5. Helen08-16-2010

    I loved the music from the show. Actually, I loved the whole show. If this was sold as a DVD, I would DEFIANTLY buy it! 🙂

  6. Eloise Shaw09-02-2010

    What was the song called that was at the end of the show?

  7. Martin W09-04-2010

    The main piece that runs through the show is remix from Rhian Sheehan’s last album called Standing in Silence.

    The bit you’ll recognise is just called Part 3 and a great video for this can be found on YouTube

  8. Eloise Shaw10-16-2010

    Hey. Just wondering, but what is the song called that was at the end of the show?

  9. MPH03-28-2011

    Is there a way to sign up for an e-mail notification when the soundtrack is released? My husband is a volunteer at our college campus planetarium and really enjoys the music from “We Are Astronomers.” I’d like to surprise him with the soundtrack for his June birthday.

    Thank you!

    • Rebecca Simpson03-28-2011

      Hello Maureen. For information on the soundtrack visit our cosmic composer Rhian Sheehan’s website:
      He has a shop where you can find details of how to purchase the music. I hope it arrives in time for your husband’s birthday.

  10. Lizzi04-20-2011

    I saw it at the National Space centre in Leicester.I am looking for the music in that show to because i loved it so much .David Tennat was so relaxing but added excitement to it

  11. ben04-25-2011

    what is the songs played in we are astronomers in the robot high school?

    • Rebecca Simpson04-26-2011

      The song during the Large Hadron Collider scene is actually called ‘Robot High School’ and is by a band called ‘My Robot Friend’ from their album ‘Soft-core’.

  12. Andrew09-30-2011

    Hello, I watched it a few weeks ago at the carter observatory in Wellington, New Zealand. I love how at the start the music is like a baby’s mobile in a cot, this means it is like is like the birth of astronomy, and then it gets faster and more complex music, meaning astronomy is getting more discoverys and more advanced. This is a great film, is there any way of getting the scene were the particles are going through the LHC? Thanks,

    • Rebecca Simpson10-03-2011

      Hello Andrew. Glad you enjoyed the our choice of soundtrack it’s by New Zealander, Rhian Sheehan, he’s a favourite of the 2.0s. Sadly we don’t have the show available on DVD but if you want to check out exerts of the show then visit our Vimeo channel. Here’s a link to our albums page: Enjoy! Keep a look out for some of our new shows coming in 2012.

  13. James07-21-2012

    Fantastic show, music was brilliant!

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