Focus Group Thumbs Up


We had the opportunity to screen the latest work-in-progress version of We Are Astronomers to a group of 13-18 year olds last week in our dome. It was all a bit low-res and blocky with temporary music and voice over but the general consensus was a big thumbs up!

We have already taken on-board some of the comments and incorporated them into the latest version.

If any of you from the focus group are reading this, please post your comments, good or bad!

Thanks again to all those who helped out.

[svgallery name=”focusgroup01″]

  1. Alex Stewart03-05-2009

    Very good, need some faster moving peices that your zooming through and stuff and the particle accelerator bit at the end wasnt clear enough – didnt enderstand the ending where it slowed down and we couldnt really tell the size of the machine from the drawing.

  2. nathan johnson05-13-2009

    it woz bare wak son.

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