Cosmic Diary


Now that production has ended on We Are Astronomers we finally have some time to write about some of the people and projects that we have been turning to for help, advice and inspiration whilst making the show. We started by looking at all the other IYA cornerstone projects to see what they were all about and where our show could fit in and have it’s own unique voice. One of the projects that grabbed our attention was Cosmic Diary, which is a blog written by many different people working in the field of astronomy from all over the world. It gives an amazing insight into the lives of those writing on it and into the contemporary world of astronomy.

It was very apparent from projects like this one that there was stong sense of ‘working together’ in the field of Astronomy that we hadn’t really thought about before. You only have to click on a few links on the blog to realise that each of the people on there are involved in some of the biggest projects in the world and are tied to countless other people from around the globe working on the same projects. So if you want to find out more about current events in the world of astronomy or find out more about the people involved, then Cosmic Diary is definately worth a browse.


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