WAA Teaser Trailer Now Online


We are very, very pleased to share the first teaser trailer for the new We Are Astronomers Fulldome film launching very soon.

The imagery is circular so that when it is projected inside a dome it looks correct.

There will be another trailer up later in the week so check back regularly or follow our twitter feed for the latest news and all things WAA related.

Let us know what you think about the teaser in the comments!



Seems appropriate as we near the end of production to take a look back to the beginning.

It all has to start somewhere and our starting point is always good old pencil and paper.

Below is a storyboard of the show before it got translated into the digital realm, not that much has changed really, but you’ll have to and watch the finished film to see which bit’s did change!

[svgallery name=”storyboard”]



Titles are a funny thing.

They can hit you right smack between the eyes and stay in your head for the rest of time or be forgotten in an instant. They are an area of hot debate on any production with many people sharing their opinion. Finding the right one that sum’s everything up in a nice little package is a big challenge.

The early working title for We Are Astronomers was ASTRONOMER 2.0. Internally we really liked the idea and it summed up everything we were trying to say about collaboration, democratization of information, sharing and mashing up data, all things digital and connected. We still really like it but as development went on we explored other options and tried to come up with something more accesible and We Are Astronomers was born.

Some of the other titles on our short list are below along with some great suggestions from a survey we did before the Blog went live. Feel free to fill it out and make your own suggestion for a title or use the comments box below.

Not changing the title now though, we think We Are Astronomers Rocks!

Our Shortlist


The Search

Do you know what an astronomer does?


The Global Astronomer


The Digital Astronomer

Team Astronomer

Universe Search

Some suggestions from the Survey

Astonomer’s Perception


With a smile and a telescope



None of the above

Slip the surly bonds of Earth

Space – are we alone now?

Awesome Astronomy

Intergalactic Exploration

The Search Party: Join Now

The Very Large Telescope


In the film we explore the different ways that astronomers can find out more about the Universe and the challenges they face. The Very Large Telescope (Yes that is it’s real name!) or VLT is one of the most advanced optical telescopes in the world and we visit it in We Are Astronomers.

Below is a work-in-progress excerpt from the VLT sequence that we have created with computer graphics. It is circular so that when it is projected onto a dome it surrounds you and you feel like you are there!

More info about the VLT here:

We will blog more about why we chose to include the VLT in the film and some of the other amazing earth based telescopes that astronomers use later.

We Are Astronomers Narrated By David Tennant


We are very pleased to “officially” announce that David Tennant is the narrator of the new Fulldome digital planetarium show We Are Astronomers.


The Script Has Gone Gold


The script is finished and ready to be recorded by our narrator.

Here’s a Tag Cloud of the script that shows the most frequently used words, the bigger the word the more we use it!

It gives an interesting perspective of what the film is all about.

created at

The Voice of We Are Astronomers, coming soon…


Next week we hope to reveal the narrator of the new Fulldome experience We Are Astronomers.

Anyone got any ideas who they think would do a good job of talking about astronomer’s and what they do? Who would inspire you to think about our place in the universe? Or who’s voice do you just love the sound of and would like to be surrounded by in a giant dome!?

Please post any ideas below in the comments section.

Focus Group Thumbs Up


We had the opportunity to screen the latest work-in-progress version of We Are Astronomers to a group of 13-18 year olds last week in our dome. It was all a bit low-res and blocky with temporary music and voice over but the general consensus was a big thumbs up!

We have already taken on-board some of the comments and incorporated them into the latest version.

If any of you from the focus group are reading this, please post your comments, good or bad!

Thanks again to all those who helped out.

[svgallery name=”focusgroup01″]

Did you know 2009 is the International Year of Astronomy?


I’m sure not many people outside of the “space” world are aware of this but 2009 is officially the International Year of Astronomy! What does this mean? Will it be as popular as 2008’s International Year of the Potato?

Well, we are very excited about IYA2009 (it’s nickname).  There are lots and lots of great events and websites around at the moment, the best place to find out what is happening near you is for those in the UK.

The international site is also worth a look to see what is happening around the world and find your countries IYA site.

We Are Astronomers is an official IYA project and will be launching across the UK 23 May 2009.



New Blog Theme


We have moved from the default wordpress theme and are starting to give the site it’s own look and feel, let the tweaking begin. The little people you see at the top are just one of the styles of animation used in the final show, the target audience is everyone on planet earth, hopefully everyone will enjoy it! There are going to be realistic looking scenes, data visualisation, characters, rides and reflection and lots of other exciting, immersive sequences, we’ll let you know what subjects the final show covers leading up to launch.

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