WAA Special Weekend Screening: Birmingham, UK


This weekend We Are Astronomers, narrated by David Tennant, will be shown for the first time in Birmingham’s Thinktank museum for the 2nd Fulldome UK event. Our very own sensei of dome storytelling, Mr Max Crow will be presenting a talk on Storytelling in the Dome for attendees on Sunday 13th March. For full details, including schedules please visit Fulldome UK

If you’re attending please tell us what you think of the event below. We hope you can join us for some Fulldome fun this weekend.

Guten Tag! Special German WAA Screening Tonight



If your near the Zeiss-Planetarium Jena, Germany then be sure to head on over there to celebrate all things dome between the 4 – 8 May, 2010.

On 5 May @ 20:45 there will be the first screening of We Are Astronomers to a German audience so for all our German friends who have been waiting patiently for your change to see the film, this is it!

Full details about the festival are available here and here



WAA Special Edition @Broadway Cinema and Media Centre


If your anywhere near Nottingham this weekend be sure to head on down to the Broadway Cinema and Media Centre where a very special edition of We Are Astronomers is playing in the CaféBar via a custom super uber widescreen panoramic installation. Experience galaxies far, far away, telescopes of the future and the epic particle collisions of the Large Hadron Collider whilst having a latte, beer or bite to eat! Be sure to check out all the other cool special events going on at Broadway while your there.


If you enjoy the Broadway CaféBar special edition be sure to check out the full-length dome experience narrated by David Tennant at a dome near you.

The perfect Valentine treat for that special person!

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Goodbye IYA2009 Hello 2010


So the International Year of Astronomy 2009 is now over, and what a year it has been!

Over 1/4 of a million people have experienced We Are Astronomers in a digital planetarium and that number will hopefully grow and grow into 2010 and beyond. The dome film will be screening in UK domes throughout the new year, please check your nearest dome for full details and availability.

We would like to thank everyone who was involved in the making of WAA, those that continue to support it and everyone who was gone to watch it. We couldn’t of told this epic tale of international collaboration without you!

…and don’t forget, we are all astronomers so be sure to look up and enjoy our awesome universe.

WAA goes international at Stardome Observatory, New Zealand


We are very happy to announce that the first dome outside of the UK to show We Are Astronomers is Stardome Observatory, Auckland, New Zealand.


WAA has a very special connection to New Zealand as the music was composed by Wellington based musician Rhian Sheean. Unfortunately we did not get the pleasure of leaving the cloudy UK to visit the beautiful NZ but spent many happy hours discussing and developing the music over Skype and collaborating via the internet. After all, the main theme of WAA is international collaboration so it only seemed right to echo that in the production of the film too!

Anyway, what are you waiting for? If you’re in New Zealand you now have the perfect excuse to go and visit Stardome and enjoy the film. Please check the Stardome website for full information

WAA Now Showing In London


We Are Astronomers narrated by David Tennant is now showing in London at the Royal Observatory Greenwich. We highly recommend that everyone in the capital of England goes to see it, remember to check the website for show times.


A New Trailer To Celebrate 400th Birthday Of Gailieo’s Telescope


Today is the 400th year anniversary of Galileo’s telescope. To celebrate we’d like to share a new trailer for We Are Astronomers. It features music from the film composed by Rhian Sheean. Enjoy…


Also don’t forget to check out the competition over on to win your very own Galileoscope!

WAA Now Showing In Ireland


We Are Astronomers is now playing in Ireland at the Armagh Planetarium. Be sure to get yourself over there to check it out this summer.


WAA Pics In A Dome


If your ever wondered what those weird and wonderful circular fisheye, Fulldome images look like on an actual dome here’s some we made earlier…

View over on Flickr fullscreen here

The dome in these pics is actually our home dome at the National Space Centre. If anyone else has pics of WAA in a dome then send them over to us

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