If you have had the opportunity to experience We Are Astronomers in a dome please post your comments below.

The good, the bad, the ugly and the great are all welcome.

What was your favourite bit? Did you learn anything new? Are you going to become an astronomer!?

We’ll be setting up a survey soon to give us more objective feedback and make sure the next film is even better, we really value your input.

Reviews From The Media

This beautifully-animated documentary, which plays out across a 360º screen, whisks visitors off on a million mile trip into space and still gets them home in plenty of time for Corrie.

Leicester Mercury –  Full review here

Tennant is a natural narrator. His voice lures you in, complicated theories and jargon are suddenly easy to grasp. And what theories!

69 Magazine – Review on page 79

Tennant’s dulcet tones somehow break down the complexity of galaxies and gadgets, making this fascinating but complicated subject infinitely more approachable.

The List – Full review here

Reviews From Audiences